Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes it's just not all about the money!

So busy, busy, busy…

The winter is supposed to be for fun on the snow, skiing, sledding, ice fishing, so why am I stuck inside so much? I keep asking myself this right along with all my friends. Well, I guess because I’ve made other choices. As the Director of Entertainment at the BAC, I find myself talking with musicians about upcoming or potential opportunities at the Boyne Arts Collective, generating posters and other interest on line, & setting up and hosting concerts. As an entertainer, myself, I’m constantly researching and contacting new venues to book myself, work on new material, songs and music, and practice for the few current music performances on the books. As a Co-ordinater for the Big Ticket’s Indie Stage, I’m reviewing other bands press kits, discussing needed items with other co-ordinaters and promoters, and securing bands for the 3-day event in June, along with all the paperwork that, that entails. Add on top of that the fact I live in a snow belt area, and every time they show that big blue spot on the weather map, it’s over my house, the result is lots and lots of snow to move around so I can get in and out to do all of these things!
The monthly Farmhouse Music Org meetings fostered a benefit concert in Gaylord the first of the month and began what we hope to be many more opportunities in the area for musicians and listeners alike. I had the opportunity to be one of these performers, and although it was not the most lucrative event, it was fun and we had a great time, both on stage and off.
In the meantime, I immerse myself in all of these other projects and find that I’m constantly pushing the creative time aside again and again. No new songs written since the first of the year. No recording of the songs written over the last couple of years, and the beginning of a story, resting in the hard drive of my computer, awaiting me to re-open and resume.
Yes, I have some regrets that I haven’t skied, or sledded or fished, and yes, I expected to get some recording done and a few more songs written, but you know, I find I really enjoy doing all these other things that help promote music for everyone else. I put a great deal of time and effort into these projects, and I get back so much more than an income. Sometimes it’s just not all about the money!